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A large number of donors are HIV or hepatitis positive. Tissue and eye banks are therefore dependent on this status being recognized as quickly as possible. Miriad® tests for hepatitis B and C, HIV-1/2, and syphilis antibodies in cadaver blood, providing immediate, easy-to-interpret results.

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Tissue and eye banks use Miriad® as part of their initial donor screening, achieving a relative 40% reduction in disposals. With Miriad®, tissue and eye banks add another layer of information to their procurement process and reduce:

  • Transport, storage and disposal costs for non-eligible tissues
  • Risks for technicians working with sharp objects
  • stress for donor families


Miriad® tests use MedMira’s Rapid Vertical Flow® technology, which allows analysis of whole blood samples in addition to serum and plasma. In addition, research shows that MedMira’s rapid vertical tests closely match the performance of much more sophisticated enzyme immunoassay tests. This technology has demonstrated 98% agreement with more complex and traditional laboratory-based tests when testing research samples in the laboratory.

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